We at Wonderland are committed to providing the highest quality solutions to our partners. Quality is paramount for us; hence we strive to exceed expectations in all aspects of our development process, which includes writing automated tests, creating comprehensive documentation, implementing effective monitoring systems and more. Our development process is divided into five stages to guarantee product quality:

  1. Project Bootstrapping

  2. Idea Draft

  3. Technical Specification

  4. Development

  5. Continuous Support

🚀 Project Bootstrapping

Every project is conducted by a seasoned expert and a team of at least 2-3 skilled developers who will:

We implement a tight feedback loop to guarantee success, constantly seeking valuable insights and making any necessary adjustments. With our finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape, we are best equipped to tackle sudden changes.

🖌️ Idea Draft

Being on the same page with our partners before diving into the project is fundamental. By setting a clear framework of the scope and expectations at the outset, we can ensure everything runs smoothly down the road.

Firstly, our Team Lead and Software Architect will create a diagram showing the overall project architecture and will estimate the needed time for completion (an estimation that will be further reviewed and specified during Technical Specification phase). By doing this, we can set the project up for success and ensure a smooth and efficient journey towards achieving our shared goals.